Promand offers services across the entire spectrum of manufacturing; enabling customers to shorten process planning time, standardise processes and optimise plant layout & resource utilisation.

Promand robot systems

  • Productivity Solutions for Component Manufacturing
    • CAM solution customisation & automation
    • Feature recognition based manufacturing automation

  • Lean Manufacturing
    • Visual management
    • Statistical quality control
    • KAN BAN
    • 5S

  • Manufacturing Simulation and Optimization (MSO)
    • Process simulation and validation- assembly and component manufacturing process simulation and validation, ergonomic/ human simulation, robotic simulation and OLP

  • Plant design
    • Simulation & optimization- station/ work cell layout design, discrete event simulation
    • Manufacturing Process Simulation solution customization
    • Equipment specification and selection

  • Manufacturing Process Management (MPM)
    • Implementation consulting
    • Deployment
    • Customisation
    • Integration with PDM, MES, ERP applications
    • Application management
    • Migration