Sensors PM2

SEMTECH PM2 was recently introduced in 2017, providing SEMTECH users with a Particulate Mass measurement package that is significantly reduced in size, weight and power required for operation from its predecessors, ECOSTAR MPS/CPM/PFS and SEMTECH PPMD. The SEMTECH PM2 is the latest optional device to enhance the capability and adaptability of the base SEMTECH LDV system, the fifth generation portable emissions measurement systems (PEMS) from Sensors, Inc. The device is also compatible with ECOSTAR Plus users.

SEMTECH PM2 The SEMTECH PM2 combines real-time and cumulative PM mass measurements. The real-time PM mass measurement is based on an ion mobility technique while the cumulative PM mass measurement is based on a gravimetric method using industry standard 47mm filter cartridges. The combination of the two techniques allow SEMTECH PM2 to meet US EPA's 40CFR Part 1065 requirements for Heavy Duty In-Use (HDIU) compliance testing applications as an alternative method. The SEMTECH PM2 is designed to measure particulate matter either as a stand-alone device, or together with the SEMTECH ECOSTAR or SEMTECH LDV products lines.

For real-time PM mass measurement, a small fraction of the homogeneous diluted sample is passed through a PEGASOR PPS-M electrical aerosol transducer, in which particulate matter is charged. As the charged particles exit the detection zone, their charge is measured with a sensitive electrometer. The electrometer signal is then converted to real-time PM mass concentration using a transfer function.

For cumulative PM mass measurement, the homogeneous diluted sample is directed through one of three filters. The pre- and post-filter weights provide cumulative PM mass, which is used to scale the real-time mass concentration and obtain accurate, time resolved PM mass measurement.

SEMTECH users will find the SEMTECH PM2 to be a significant upgrade its earlier PM measurement generations.