Latest Message from the President


          ANDY SADLON, Froude President

          Updated: January 10, 2018

RE: The Latest From Froude 


Froude has made a lot of progress over the past year. Our electronic products offerings have been updated and expanded to include our new InCell controller. We implemented the use of three-dimensional printing to create lower cost, faster turn-around molds for our Go Power products. We hired new agencies, implemented new pricing models, and changed our internal processes to improve quality.

We have brought in some exceptional talent that has challenged our technical approach, our processes, our strategies and everything not nailed down. It’s refreshing to question everything and find new and better ways. Our new talent is the most significant driver to our growth and progress. We’ll continue to search for more talent and fill where we need capacity.

In 2018 we intend to continue our progress through expansion and continued internal investments. We will continue to evolve the InCell controller to extend its applicability to cover more installations. We’re listening to our customers and modifying our company where needed based on their feedback. We’re also pressing very hard to differentiate ourselves in the market as the best customer service company selling dynamometer products in the industry.

We will continue to challenge competitors that are using our name or our Intellectual Property without our permission. We are working hard to protect the Froude name and our brand. Our quality and performance legacy should not be compromised by a “claim” that a company is using Froude technology while they are not and further, they have no rights to make the claim.

We have a new “sister company” located in Connecticut, Automation Connection (, that provides custom design and build of automation equipment. We intend to take advantage of their capabilities to supplement our products with unique handling equipment or essentially any supplemental product used in a test cell that isn’t readily available on the market. Automation Connection has a strong background in designing and manufacturing custom machines and automation systems at an excellent value.

We’re bursting with energy as we begin 2018—we’re on a bright and successful path for Froude. Thank you for your continued trust and we look forward to taking Froude and Go Power to the next level. Happy New Year!


Signed for and on behalf of Froude

Andrew W. Sadlon, President

Froude, Inc. and Froude, Ltd.